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Diánna is a NYC-based stage and film actress, teacher, director, and writer with over 20 years in Strasberg, Meisner, Stanislavski, and Linklater training.


Coaches have included Lee Strasberg protegé Ernie Martin and Tony Award-winning actress Ann Wedgeworth (both of whom are her parents) as well as Mark Rylance, Larry Singer, David Robinette (NYFA West Coast), and Susan Main.

She has acted, directed, and coached actors for various NYC theatre companies, theatre festivals, independent film companies, and self-produced works.  Diánna has taught acting technique, monologue/scene study, and audition preparation for New York Film Academy (NYFA), Hunter College, the Ernie Martin Studio Theatre, and Diánna Martin Acting Studios (previously Martin Acting Studios). 

Previous experience in entertainment has also included being a disc jockey and co-host for two radio stations in St. Louis, MO (during a 7-year stint after college) as well as a television reporter, writer, and producer for the city government access channel in the same city.

She is currently a core member of both The Workshop Theater Company and the Shop-Talk Theatre Group as well as being a founding member of The In-Pulse Group.

Most recently Diánna has been delighted to be a part of the cast of  "The Interview" by Lafayette Salon Films. She is also excited to be flexing her writer's muscle by co-writing and acting in two other films, currently in production and pre-production, as well as starting a podcast with two of her fellow thespians which will focus on music - allowing her to somewhat return to her DJ roots from over 20 years ago.


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